The SIDEBYSIDE PARTNERSHIP, founded in 2016 by John Bailye, was created as a means to invest the group’s experience and expertise alongside their capital. 

They invest in entrepreneurs and their potentially great businesses and, by sharing the same long term, audacious objectives and goals, they believe they can make a difference and add value beside money. They devote time to every one of their entrepreneurs to help them plan strategically and manage the challenges of a rapidly growing business; their bespoke involvement varies based on each company’s unique needs. Their approach reflects a proven formula developed by John based on his experience which has been gained from operating, investing, fund-raising and building their own businesses, thus shaping the relationship with the entrepreneurs they wish to back.

The ENVESTORS magazine recently caught up with Ben Ashworth, Commercial Analyst with THESIDEBYSIDE PARTNERSHIP, to find out why they have chosen to license and partner with ENVESTRY™, the software platform built – and used - by ENVESTORS.

‘We are currently working with a network of 300-400 family offices.  SIDEBYSIDE is professionalising the companies they see seeking capital by doing all the vetting, curating and deep Diligence before bringing these companies to the Family Offices network to consider for investment.  This naturally takes an enormous amount of time and one of the first concepts that attracted us to ENVESTRY™ was how easy it was to get the platform up and running:  to be able to build a personalised, branded, white labelled platform in under a week is an exceptionally attractive prospect.  Because ENVESTRY™ covers all FCA requirements, this umbrella has saved us potentially a minimum timeframe of six months’ work if we’d have had to do it ourselves.

The support is invaluable:  we’ve had a huge amount of financial and technical advice from the ENVESTRY™ team.  We’ve got to know them really well and Oliver, in particular, has been a joy to work with.  We share the same vision and our goals are aligned; this has been a hugely positive and vital part of the reason behind why we chose to partner with you.

Ultimately, we chose ENVESTRY™ because, having thoroughly reviewed the market, we know your system is the most complete’. 

Envestry TM is the whitelabel software platform licensed by Envestors® and other organisations to manage and syndicate investments. @envestry. Envestry™ is wholly owned by Envestors Limited.